Thursday, July 16, 2015


It's been quite a busy summer (and it's only mid-July):

We celebrated the end of the school year and I love my polka-dotted dress 

Summer means cherrieeeees and I look like a little monster after I eat them:

Playtime with tati is the best. He lets me play with his hair and he likes being my "patient":

It's art, ok?

We walked though Bucharest's largest park and saw a mommy duck and her ducklings. I was fascinated: 

We went to the Bucharest International Air Show. The main event were the Turkish Stars, a group of 7 supersonic jets that had a great show. I found it a bit too loud...

I insisted on wearing the pink tutu with "skinner-skinner" from farmor and farfar :)  

Icecream treats are the best :) But let's not forget chores, even if they're toys.


On 19th June we were invited by the Nordic and Baltic embassies to the Swedish embassy in Bucharest - they celebrated mid-summer and I had lots of fun!

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