Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, first and foremost, I am pleased to announced that I weigh 6 kilos as of today :) So I weigh more than double than I did when I was born - that's a thought, isn't it?
Dad had a couple of days off last week and we made our first overnight trip. We spent 2 days at my maternal grandparents, as we tried to get away from the heat. I slept the whole time it took us to get there, and really liked being in the fresh, cool air and I slept very well outside. My tummy was a little bit... slow so I was upset some of the time. But all in all, it was a nice trip and I can't wait to go there again :)
I've been smiling more and more these days. Also, I'm trying very hard to open my fists and grab & hold things. It's quite funny (my parents think...) that I open my pinky and ring finger and then take a break, focusing very hard on opening the other fingers. Only... something happens and I stretch all my other limbs instead :) I'm going through another growth spurt, so exciting things should come after this short period of overeating, fussiness and hyperactivity.
I'm very active and alert and responsive to my parents, I follow them with my eyes around the room and can almost hold my head when I'm in their arms.
Here are some recent photos from my fans:

Saturday, July 14, 2012


On Saturday, July 14th, I was baptized in the Orthodox church. The event took place at the Sfânta Treime Tei church in Bucharest. There were two other children getting baptized too, but I was the bravest and cried the least. The two others were older than me, and got scared of the water and the priests.

As my godmother, aunt Doriana was carrying me during the whole ceremony. First I was in the entrance hall of the church where the priest read a prayer to allow us to enter into the main hall. Since I was not yet baptized I needed this to go into the church for the ceremony. Once Dori carried me into the church main hall the baptism ceremony started. After some readings and prayers it was time for me to go into the holy water. For this, the priest held me, and he was very careful to cover both my ears and nose, so I wouldn't get water in them. The dipping was very fast 3 times. My grandmother, Aase, actually thought I had only been dipped once, since it was so fast. :) Afterwards the priest painted crosses with oil on my body and said another prayer. After a few more rituals the ceremony was over and I was now a member of the Romanian Orthodox church and I got my baptism certificate.

The guests at my baptism were my grandparents from Denmark, Aase and Ole, my grandmother, Cornelia, and Adrian from Romania, my aunt and Godmother, Doriana, my mom's cousin, Bianca, my mom and dad's godson, Tudor, and his sister, Miruna, and dad, Mihai.

After the church ceremony we went to a nearby restaurant called Anatolia. Mom and dad had made reservations there for lunch. Tudor's mom joined us there and Miruna went home, since she had to study for an exam. It was a very nice lunch with good food and great weather. We sat outside on their terrace. It got a bit hot towards the end of the afternoon, but we still enjoyed being there. After the restaurant I, mom and dad, Dori and the grandparents went to my home. Here I had the traditional bath from the godmother in water that had a silver coin for wealth, a feather for light and easy life, a flower for beauty and honey for sweetness. After that the adults had some snacks and cakes and I had a nap. :)

I was very happy about my Danish grandparents being there. They stayed with us for 5 days from Friday to Wednesday. I loved when grandmother and I "hyggede" in the morning. She would feed me and play with me, and mom and dad would relax a bit. Granddad was also fun. We played and he would carry me around if I got a bit upset or sad. We went to parks and shopping malls during their stay. We liked the shopping malls, because they had air conditioning. The weather was very hot, with temperatures over 35 degrees, so the outside activities were limited. I was very sad when they went back to Denmark. For a couple of days I still hoped to see them, but they were already back home.

Here are pictures from their visit and my baptism. The pictures are on Flickr, since there are so many.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photos for my fans


How do you like my chins?
By the way, I weigh 5,250kg :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A day out

Today I went to the mall for the first time.
It was a decision mum and dad made because of the unbearable heat we've been having. 37-38 degrees, no wind, all that takes its toll on my tiny body. I'm fussy, can't rest properly and if I'm not happy, nobody is.
So after the morning walk, mum and dad took me to the mall. I looked around curiously, smiled and slept while they bought me a new travel bed, a sun umbrella for my pram and a new summer dress. When we got back home, I ate and then slept some more.
So all in all, it was quite a success :)
Here is a photo taken 10 minutes ago:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two months old today :)

So I am now two months old :)
Mum and dad keep saying that time really flies and I seem to have been a part of their lives forever.
I weighed 5 kilos on Sunday and I can now smile at my parents, I coo, make bubbles and can alllllmost hold my head.
Today I went to the doctor's office for an ultrasound. When I was born, the hospital doctor had a suspicion I had hip dysplasia in my left hip so today mum and dad had it checked. While we were there, they also asked the doctor to check my abdomen, to see if everything was in order. I am therefore proud to announce that all is well and there are no problems whatsoever :)
And now, here are some photos for my fans:
Strangely enough, I find this very comfortable

ZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzz with bubbles
Everyone needs their afternoon beauty sleep, non?

How do you like my dress?

I looooove the car seat. It always relaxes me

Buddha in car seat