Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting big

Today I was weighed again, as I am every Saturday. The result is that I have gained 300 grams since last week and now weigh in at a whopping 3430 grams!

I've been a bit restless this week, and had several periods where I wouldn't really sleep. Well, can you blame me? I've been having growing pains and that isn't something to joke about. Maybe this week I will take it more easy.. but let's see next Saturday.

Can I get a round of applause? :-)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gaining weight

Hi fans!

I'm still around and kicking. Since I last updated the blog things are going great. I am eating more and more each day and am currently at about 500-550 ml per day of formula. Since I came home from the hospital I have gained 450 grams - which is about 200 grams per week, so that is very satisfactory. I get weighed every Saturday, and last time I was at 3100 grams total. Mom and dad weigh me on the kitchen scales placing a large bowl on it that I can lie in. Soon I will be too big for this method, though, but then they will have to carry me and use the adult scales. :)

My neck musculature is getting stronger. When I lie on my stomach I can turn my head from one side to the other - but it is still a rather big effort to do it. Daddy made a small video, where you can see me do this:

Here are a couple more pictures:

 Mom and dad tried giving me a pacifier, but I really don't care for it and just spit it out.

Mommy and me, doing my favorite thing: eating! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 weeks old!

Today was my 2-week anniversary of being part of the Earth population. :) So far so good. I am slowly eating more and more each day and also having more and longer awake periods. I didn't get to go outside today because the weather was rather bad with rain. I'm also not going to the monastery on Saturday, because great grandmother will not be able to make it. She needs to stay at home and take care of her injured leg. My grandmother and aunt Dori will come for a visit tomorrow afternoon, though, so that should be nice. :)

 I got this blanket from one of mom's colleagues, Sandra, in Barcelona. It was knitted by her mom, who is in the Netherlands! I have very international friends. Thanks! :-)

Daddy is feeding me while he is on Skype with farmor. I always play around when being fed and getting my hands in all sorts of weird positions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My first outing

So today marked a premiere: I left the house for the first time. Mom and dad bundled me up like an Eskimo because there were only 20 degrees outside and it had rained earlier and took me outside for a little 15-minute walk.
I really enjoyed it, or rather, it did not bother me :) All I did was sleep, anyhow. I woke up just as we were back in front of the building.
                                               Dad really liked pushing my pram for the first time

In other news, I've been doing really well recently. Mom and dad developed a schedule for me in which I sleep a bit more in the middle of the day and at nights - when I wake up I eat very well and I'm alert and curious, following everything they do with wide eyes.

Some more pictures for my fans :)
Very surprised in my sleep

                                         I really like lying like a frog on daddy's tummy                                             

                                                          Slowly waking up in my crib

Monday, May 14, 2012

Little update

Hi everyone,

I haven't been updating the blog over the weekend. I hope you are all okay and haven't missed me too much. :)

I am now starting to eat more than I did in the first week, which mom and dad are very happy about. Today I passed the 400 ml mark in 24 hours. It's still slightly on the low side, but consistently growing day by day.

On Sunday I had a short visit by my aunt Dori and Bianca, who is the cousin of my mom and Dori. You can see all three of us in this photo:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Present from Denmark

Today I got a very nice surprise. In the afternoon a delivery came to our door. Dad opened it and it was a flower company delivering a VERY nice bouquet of flowers. It is much bigger than I am.

Thank you so much to my cousins Julie and Alexander and aunt Pia and uncle Rolf for this lovely gesture!

In this picture the flowers are in a vase on the bed next to me.... that is how large the bouquet is!

Here are more pics for the fans. :)

Making faces while I sleep....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 6

Hi all!

Warning: This post can contain unpleasant words. :)

Sorry I've been a bit absent on the blog. I've not been feeling too well, so I have been sleeping a lot. And my parents have gotten a bit worried, because they couldn't really get me to eat a lot. And besides this, I have also been suffering from constipation. I have not been able to poop properly for some days, and that has reduced my appetite. And when I don't eat, my jaundice (gulsot) doesn't get better, and I stay more inactive and sleepy.

Today I have been more alert. Especially towards the afternoon and evening. I managed to stay awake about an hour and 45 minutes while I was eating and getting changed and afterwards just looking around and studying my mom and dad and my home. I don't see very far yet, but the light and shapes seemed to be very interesting. I also had a fun video chat on Skype with my cousins Julie and Alexander and uncle Rolf and aunt Pia.

I just had a nice warm washing, and have clean clothes. I tricked mom and dad and peed right after they took off my diaper. :) I like getting washed with a warm cloth. It makes me feel very fresh and I look at mom washing me and dad talking to me.

Here are a couple pictures for my fans:

 Passed out on mommy.

After my first bath.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today I came home from the hospital. I has been a very hot day, and it has rather upset my stomach, and also made my skin a bit red due to the heat. I had a rather eventful day, so I've been very sleepy. I think the best nap was the 2 hours on daddy's tummy. Mommy is so nice to me and I love lying in her arms when eating. Even if I don't eat very much, I like lying there and always fall asleep and forget to eat...

 Here is my bed with the changing table on top.

My aunt Dori is holding me. 

 I have earrings. The piercing was made at the hospital, and the rings are a gift from Dori.

 Daddy calming me down after being a bit upset.


 Sleeping in a new set of clothes after I peed on the other when being changed....

 I'm a little frog on daddy's tummy.

Mommy is feeding me. My tummy feels better now, so I could eat a bit more.

Going home

I'm coming home today. It will be so nice and quiet, away from all the other screaming babies.  I'll let you know when I have arrived.

Friday, May 4, 2012

1 day old

Hi all!

Now I have lived a full day in this strange world, and I think I kind of like it. Most of the time I am sleeping, but I do like to look around a bit when I'm awake. My gaze is attracted to light and moving objects.
Today I managed to nurse a little bit from mom. I got the very nourishing initial milk, and rather enjoyed lying in her arms. She took good care to burp me afterwards too, so I felt so good that I fell right back to sleep on her shoulder. :)

Daddy got a quick glimpse of me too today, but because of the many babies that were born in the last couple of days, the maternity ward is a bit stressed, and trying to ensure most possible calmness around the babies. But maybe, if all goes well overnight and tomorrow morning, I might already be home by Saturday evening.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More photos from my birthday

Here are some more photos from my birthday. I am only 1 hour old here. The person holding me is the nurse from the neo-natal nursery. I will stay here for some days, and mom will come regularly and feed me and learn to clean me and so on. Hopefully she will teach daddy too, when we come home. :)

My lips are a bit chapped, as you can see, but it is completely normal and quite common in newborns. I'll have nice and soft lips in a few days. My dad told me he read that on the internet.

PS. In the first picture I am yawning. I am not screaming, as you might think. :)

Click to make the photos larger.

Here I am!

I weigh 2800 grams and am 52 centimeters long.

Daddy got to hold me and when I heard his voice I took a peek at him.