Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer vacation with relatives

Last week I went with mom and dad to Side, which is in the Antalya region of Turkey. We stayed a week in a great 4+ star hotel with all-inclusive.

We met with Rolf, Pia, Julie, and Alexander there. They had arrived 2 days before us, since we couldn't get the schedule to match completely, when we booked the trips.

I loved spending time with my cousins and uncle and aunt. It was great fun playing in the pools with them, and mom and dad, practicing my swimming skills.

Below you can see our album from the trip. Many of the photos are actually made by me, since I love to take pictures using dad's camera or the mobile phone. Mom thinks I have a good eye for photography, even though you might think that some of the photos are of some slightly strange items or angles. :)

Click on the arrow to start the slideshow, or click on the title to open the album in a large window.

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