Friday, January 29, 2016

Playing in the snow

Sinaia - Jan 2016 - Sofia Buni

This week I went with grandmother to the mountains to get some fresh air and play in teh snow. I also love to skate, even though I am not a master at it, yet.

Monday, January 25, 2016

New Kindergarten

My old kindergarten, Nemo, has closed, so I have moved to a new one, that mom and dad chose for me. I wasn't too happy to be left there the first couple of days, but I understand the situation and am now quite happy to go there. A few mornings I don't really feel like it, but don't you all have days like that? :)

My group teacher is called Diana, and I like her a lot. In the afternoon she has to be with the after-school kids, so another teacher called Andreea is with my group. I like her too, and we get to paint and do other cool things.

I have also been signed up for some optional classes. They are art, and dancing. The dancing class is a kind of combined exercise and dance class that will improve my motor skills and just let me burn off some energy.

The kindergarten has cameras, so mom and dad can see from home if I am well, and what I am doing. They don't watch all the time, but it is good to know they are "there".

Dad recorded a bit of my dancing class today from the camera. There is no sound, but you can watch it here:

Tomorrow I will go on a mini vacation in the mountains with Buni, my grandmother. I am looking very much forward to go skiing - I am very convinced that it will be easy. And we will also bring the sledge - just in case. We will stay at a nice hotel in Sinaia for a few days, and come back before the weekend, when traffic gets worse.