Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, first and foremost, I am pleased to announced that I weigh 6 kilos as of today :) So I weigh more than double than I did when I was born - that's a thought, isn't it?
Dad had a couple of days off last week and we made our first overnight trip. We spent 2 days at my maternal grandparents, as we tried to get away from the heat. I slept the whole time it took us to get there, and really liked being in the fresh, cool air and I slept very well outside. My tummy was a little bit... slow so I was upset some of the time. But all in all, it was a nice trip and I can't wait to go there again :)
I've been smiling more and more these days. Also, I'm trying very hard to open my fists and grab & hold things. It's quite funny (my parents think...) that I open my pinky and ring finger and then take a break, focusing very hard on opening the other fingers. Only... something happens and I stretch all my other limbs instead :) I'm going through another growth spurt, so exciting things should come after this short period of overeating, fussiness and hyperactivity.
I'm very active and alert and responsive to my parents, I follow them with my eyes around the room and can almost hold my head when I'm in their arms.
Here are some recent photos from my fans:

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