Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter is here

December was a very busy month in the Larsen household.

On the 15th we travelled to Denmark, where I continued my excited countdown to Christmas (with a small break when visiting the North Sea Museum). When Santa finally came, I was overenthusiastic and very very happy to receive everything I had asked for: Legos, shiny "ballerina" shoes, books and an overall good time with dad's side of the family.

We stayed for a week at uncle Rolf & aunt Pia's place, where I played with my cousins and their very friendly dog, Lady.

On 29th December, we travelled back home, as it was Buni's birthday. Again, we spent time with family and got lots of presents, as Santa was very generous and came to Romania, too :)

I was also very happy to see my friends Diana and Bianca again, and we went to an indoor playground together.

Then, all of a sudden, snow! It snowed and snowed and I could not have been happier, building snowmen and riding a sleigh.

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