Monday, May 5, 2014

I am 2 years old!

Saturday, May 3rd, was my 2nd birthday. I still don't really know what that means, but mom and dad seemed to be very excited about it. They gave me a bunch of presents wrapped in nice pink paper with Minnie on it, so I also got rather excited.

After lunch we went to the park and I played a long time on the slide and swings - but most of all I preferred playing in the sand. I borrowed some other kids' sand tools, since I hadn't brought my own. But that was fine... maybe next time I remember to take my own set.

We had dinner at a restaurant and when we got home, we had a cake that mom had made for me earlier in the day. It was a good banana and mango cake with whipped cream and M&Ms on top. I ate all the M&Ms first, and then the cake suddenly didn't seem so interesting anymore. Mom and dad finished it the next day, and they said it was very good. I still think the bon-bons were the best part...

Here are some pictures from my day:

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