Saturday, November 16, 2013

Middle ear infection

For the past week I have been sick with a middle ear infection. It started with me getting a high fever on the weekend. Mom and dad thought I was getting another cold, and gave me some baby ibuprofen to knock the fever down and ease any pain I might have. It only helped a bit though, then the fever went back up.  Monday the pediatrician came to see me and said it was an ear infection together with a throat infection. I got antibiotics and other things to help me feel better. Getting my nose sucked clean is the worst I know, closely followed by drops in my ears.  But I must admit that it feels a lot better afterwards.
Today, Saturday, is the first day I feel really well,  and we went to the new mall. I got some new shoes to use at the kindergarten, but I got to wear them at the mall too, instead of my boots. I'm really good at walking now,  and even try running a bit sometimes. I loooove climbing, and using my arms and legs to get up on furniture and at the playground. Dad helped me to get onto this "bench", though, as it was a bit strange.

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