Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Well the day has come that I started kindergarten. 

My mum and dad took me there for the first time last week and the results have been mixed on my part. On the one hand, I like being around kids and participate in the activities there. On the other hand, I cry every time I arrive and leave and in between. The teachers have told my parents there is a normal adjustment period to be expected, usually around a month, and things have progressed nicely so far. But it's still difficult being away from my parents so long. I go there Monday to Friday, usually between 9am and 4:30-5pm.

Here are a couple of photos of the house the kindergarten is in. My group consists of 10 kids under 3 years old, but there are also older children there. How well I eat, sleep and play is monitored daily and my parents can see the chart when they pick me up. So far the verdict is that I'm brave and there is clear progress since last week.

I've also been a little bit sick the past couple of weeks. Just a head cold that bothered me because I couldn't breathe (and therefore sleep) very well. I'm now better and my appetite is returning - I'm especially interested in daddy's food, as you can see below :)

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