Thursday, December 27, 2012

My first Christmas

We drove to visit grandma on the 23rd of December, and mom and dad told me that I have too much stuff. The car was completely filled with things and presents... most for me.

On the 24th not so much happened, since that is still a fasting day and we just relaxed and didn't do much. On the 25th mom and dad took me to church for a short visit, so I could get the blessing and drink the holy wine and eat the bread. I didn't have much, but it still counts. Then we drove back home, and opened the presents and took pictures of me in my pretty new dress.

 This is my baptism present from uncle Rolf and auntie Pia and Julie and Alexander, that I finally grew into. :)

 This and the next pictures are of me in my special Christmas dress. Aren't I pretty?

 4 generations!

 Opening presents!!!

 A talking dog from farmor and farfar.

 The "loot".

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