Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gaining weight

Hi fans!

I'm still around and kicking. Since I last updated the blog things are going great. I am eating more and more each day and am currently at about 500-550 ml per day of formula. Since I came home from the hospital I have gained 450 grams - which is about 200 grams per week, so that is very satisfactory. I get weighed every Saturday, and last time I was at 3100 grams total. Mom and dad weigh me on the kitchen scales placing a large bowl on it that I can lie in. Soon I will be too big for this method, though, but then they will have to carry me and use the adult scales. :)

My neck musculature is getting stronger. When I lie on my stomach I can turn my head from one side to the other - but it is still a rather big effort to do it. Daddy made a small video, where you can see me do this:

Here are a couple more pictures:

 Mom and dad tried giving me a pacifier, but I really don't care for it and just spit it out.

Mommy and me, doing my favorite thing: eating! :)

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